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World of Mechs launching ‘soon’ on Meta Quest 2

World of Mechs launching on Meta Quest 2 'soon'

Get ready for World of Mechs on Oculus / Meta Quest 2.

Studio 369 announced today that the competitive online squad-based VR mech game World of Mechs will launch “soon” for Meta Quest 2.

Backed by the Meta Grant Program, World of Mechs delivers a pulse-pounding online VR experience where players can select from 32 different mechs and jump into colossal online VR battles. Take advantage of unique mech abilities including high-tech cloaking devices, piercing particle cannons, and earth-shattering melee attacks in this futuristic spectacle of giant steel gladiators.

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World of Mechs

“I spent three years on the MechWarrior 2 franchise at Activision, so going back to mechs is like visiting an old friend,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio 369. “Working with Meta was awesome as they have 100% supported our development process. The 369 team was fully empowered to make a game that delivers intense mech combat and fantastic multiplayer matches with great maps and modes.

World of Mechs delivers the feeling of thrashing across city blocks in a 10-ton robotic war machine while launching a salvo of barrage missiles on the opposition. Feel the adrenaline rush of leading a flanking charge with weapons ablaze and jump-jets engaged. Blast off into the single-player campaign to take down menacing bosses, walk away with their mechs, and become the world’s most-feared ace pilot.

Watch the announcement trailer below!