World of Warships: Legends adds aircraft carriers and new campaign

World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships: Legends is celebrating its second anniversary with aircraft carriers and a new campaign.

That’s right. The game has been in Early Access for two years now. To celebrate, two new aircraft carrier branches can now join your fleet. And according to, they’re here to stay.

Aircraft carriers are available for Japan and the United States at Tiers III, V, and VII. Carriers are able to strike enemies with dive and torpedo bombers. But you’ll have to be careful because they do not stand up to gunfire from enemy ships for long.

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In addition, you can only have one carrier per team. Plus, carriers are either on both or none of the teams. The exact ships in the new tree are Langley, Ranger, and Lexington for the U.S.A.; Hōshō, Ryūjō, and Shōkaku for Japan.

To unlock the carriers, you must first unlock the Tier III battleships of the respective nations. Tier VII carriers require an additional 50,000 XP to completely unlock. The post-battle service costs for carriers are the same as those for other ship types—the Tier VII cost is 136,000 credits.

New Campaign

The new update includes a new campaign called Limit Breaker. This campaign offers a special ship: Suzuya. She is a Mogami-class cruiser with fifteen 155 mm guns. The new campaign runs until May 17. It has 100 milestones to complete.

Update Size

The file sizes vary depending on the platform. Here is what you can expect:

  • Xbox One: 2700 MB
  • Xbox Series S|X: 2500 MB
  • PS4: 2800 MB
  • PS5: 2800 MB

Watch a new trailer for the game below!

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