World War Z update adds a lot of new content on Nintendo Switch

World War Z

New episodes, game modes, local multiplayer, and more.

World War Z is one of those titles that hasn’t received much attention from the mainstream gaming world but has a sizable fan base. Saber Interactive has listened to the fans and announced the release of a new update for World War Z on the Nintendo Switch.

World War Z is the most popular zombie game on Nintendo Switch, thanks to its community. It offers an explosive action experience thanks to Saber’s dynamic Swarm engine.

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A new episode map

In World War Z, you must fight for humanity’s survival against the zombie apocalypse alone with AI partners or in up to four-player co-op in dramatic story campaign episodes set in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and now Marseille. With seven diverse classes and an array of lethal weaponry, explosives, turrets, and traps, you may take on large hordes of hundreds of ravenous zombies in numerous game types.

World War Z

Players may now play the Marseille story episode as well as the iconic Horde Z Mode, which sends waves of ever more difficult opponents against teams of up to four friends, with ever-increasing prizes for survival.

Local co-op multiplayer

Furthermore, this update includes local co-op multiplayer to World War Z‘s Switch version. Previously available only online, up to four friends may now play the co-op campaign together over a local wireless connection without the requirement for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Despite this exciting news, it is important to note that the new Horde Z and PvPvZ modes are not available in local multiplayer. All gamers who possess a copy of World War Z on Nintendo Switch may get the update.

Watch the Marseille episode trailer down below!

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