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World War Z update adds new weekly challenges

The latest World War Z update adds a weekly challenge mode.

The weekly challenge mode is a separate playlist with unique gameplay modifiers. For instance, if players are too close to each other, they might take damage or all guns might be replaced with crossbows.

The mode is “designed to dramatically change your play style and keep the struggle against the undead dangerous and exciting each week.”

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After completing the weekly challenge, players will be rewarded with a new currency that can be spent on character customizations like headgear, backpack attachments, and more. The update also includes a new classic battle rifle, in addition to fixes and gameplay improvements.

Proving Grounds is the latest free update for the game. A previous update added a six skull difficulty setting. The Undead Sea patch added a new mission aboard a zombie-infested ferry in Tokyo and new zombie types.

World War Z launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One earlier this year.