Donkey Kong Arcade
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World’s largest Donkey Kong arcade game to debut at The Strong Museum

All the museum’s visitors can play with the arcade just like the original (only a little bit bigger)

Donkey Kong has always been present in some form in video games. The character, the soundtrack, the easter eggs, or even the game mechanics introduced by this franchise. He was even part of the new Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Strong Museum – with its June 30 expansion – brings something huge for all video game fans. And boy, it couldn’t have been said better! It’s a 20-foot tall, fully playable Donkey Kong arcade that will be on display at the museum. After a collaboration with Nintendo of America, they have managed to build the world’s largest Donkey Kong arcade game machine!

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From the beginning, and still going strong!

Donkey Kong Giant Arcade

Donkey Kong is undoubtedly one of those games that marked the beginning of everything. If you lived in the arcade era, you will have played at least once this classic game. And little are we aware of what it has transcended in history. For, many games today (especially in the mechanics) owe their existence to the Donkey Kong arcade game. Therefore, there is no better way to pay tribute to video games than with this work.

That’s why The Strong Museum, a museum dedicated to toys and video games, has made a great decision: to add this classic title to the museum once and for all. But, it hasn’t done it the way you imagine. Well partly yes… but they have taken it to the big time and never better said!

In its next expansion on June 30, The Strong will present the world’s largest and most playable Donkey Kong arcade game. Yes, as you read! An arcade cabinet of this legendary game that will be no less than 20 feet tall! And, most impressive of all, all visitors to the museum will be able to play games in this huge arcade cabinet.

All this has been achieved thanks to a collaboration with Nintendo of America. And, hopefully, it won’t be the only giant arcade cabinet to arrive at this museum. Undoubtedly, this is great news for all those fans of arcade games and Nintendo.

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