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Worst Big Budget Games

Among all the well-received and loved games, there are some horrendous games that are just a waste of precious time. Here are the ten worst big budget games released since 2010.

This list will of course include high-profile titles that messed up badly. I also tried to include some titles that you may or may not like. In any case, every game on this list is heavily flawed. You’re better off spending your precious time watching cat videos or playing a better game.

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The list is not ranked, and it will contain games that are relatively new because the gaming industry these days is not what it used to be.

Genshin Impact

Worst Big Budget Games

Genshin Impact is so popular and I’ve seen people loving it. That’s because there are good things about the game, like the game world and quests. But the player will have to grind for money that will unlock an anime girl as their player character, and that just might be the sole reason why people love this so much. The game has mechanics where you can spend your hard-earned real-life cash for in-game purchases.

Genshin is also extremely repetitive and you’ll end up completing quests that are practically indistinguishable from each other. It is free-to-play but that doesn’t justify how boring and tedious this game is. Oh, and also, the game doesn’t try to hide the fact that they ripped off Breath of the Wild. From the game’s art style to many mechanics, it’s extremely similar to BotW, except it isn’t nearly as fun.

Mafia 3

Worst Big Budget Games

The previous games in the Mafia franchise were absolute gems and they were landmarks of the crime video game subgenre. While Mafia 3 does have a great cast of characters and a good story, the gameplay just makes you want to simply stop playing it. In fact, our previous entry’s tedious gameplay is better than that of Mafia 3. You just have to kill tons of enemies and capture areas. That’s it. There are no side activities. The open world is stale and bleak and doesn’t contain much that’s worth your time. That said, the game’s story might be a good reason to try it, but in my honest opinion, the hours and hours you’ll waste doing the same thing can’t justify the story.

Far Cry: New Dawn

Worst Big Budget Games

Far Cry 5 was not a great game, but it was fun and had its moments. Far Cry New Dawn is a standalone spin-off for that mediocre game. It is basically post-apocalyptic Far Cry 5 and it doesn’t improve on any aspects of the previous game. Ubisoft didn’t try to make this game fun and engaging; it’s basically a shameless cash grab.

The first-person shooting mechanics are very generic and the story is not memorable at all. The game world has no places that are memorable and fun to explore. The side quests are tedious and repetitive. Despite all that, if you want more of the same stuff that FC5 offers, you’ll like this game.

Oh, and also, there is no post-apocalyptic feel to the game. It’s very colorful and doesn’t feel dangerous. I’d imagine dropping a barrage of bombs would make it feel like hell but nope.

Rage 2

Worst Big Budget Games

Rage 2 is the sequel to 2011’s Rage, which was an okay game at best. The best thing about Rage 2 is its combat. That’s it. The driving mechanics are bad, the open world is empty and very boring to explore, and the story is such a huge letdown. Rage 2’s combat is similar to DOOM and Wolfenstein, and it’s really fun. But this single good thing about it is outweighed by how bad it is overall.

However, if it’s available for free in the future, you might as well experience the good combat. Just do not spend your hard-earned money on it.

Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior might just be the single worst game on this list even though Bethesda lent its brand to the box. It is incredibly boring and it looks bland. The story is not memorable nor is it any good. The enemy AI is bad and fighting through waves of the same enemies to achieve some objective that you won’t even remember are good signs of a bad video game. The constant and heavy swearing of the player character doesn’t make him cool or edgy; it’s just dumb and too over-the-top. Don’t play this game.

Shadow Warrior 3

Back at ya, Shadow Warrior 3!

The Shadow Warrior reboot games are popular for their humor and gory, intense gameplay. Shadow Warrior 2 was probably the best game in the trilogy and it was so fun. The jokes were on point and there were a lot of collectibles and skills to unlock. Then we got Shadow Warrior 3, which is a disgrace and shame to the franchise.

It’s basically an arena shooter where you move from one place to another and kill enemies. There are no collectibles or secrets. The map does not allow the player to explore one single bit. It’s very safe to say that this game is the worst entry of the otherwise good franchise. As with Rage 2, the redeeming quality of this game is its combat. It can be fun, sure. But it feels way too bland and boring compared to the previous games.


I don’t think that I need to go into detail about why Anthem is considered one of the worst big budget games ever. Its servers are almost dead and people simply refuse to play it – for good reason. BioWare used to make great games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. And EA published it, so yes, it was a shameless cash-grab attempt. The launch had a multitude of bugs; gamers hated it and no one is returning to the game.

Fallout 76

Like Anthem, most of you must have heard of Fallout 76’s disastrous launch and the overall bad reputation it has. The previous Fallout games, including Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas, were good and fun games. Then Bethesda decided to make a multiplayer Fallout game and they messed up big time. The game was riddled with a multitude of various game-breaking bugs and obviously, it didn’t make the game any more fun. The open world was empty as well and it lacked the goodness any of the previous entries had.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

The first Kane & Lynch game was far from groundbreaking, although it was a flawed but fun game. But after the release of 2010’s Dog Days, the first game felt miles better. The sequel is ugly, purely and simply. The graphics are awful, the story sucks, and the gameplay is clunky. There are no real qualities that are worth mentioning here. The campaign is short but not so sweet. The game is purely hideous in every way.

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