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Wronged Us is coming to PC and consoles in 2023

Wronged Us

Wronged Us is an ambitious debut game from Delusional Studios.

Delusional Studios, a tiny independent production firm, has announced Wronged Us, a story-driven third-person survival horror game set in a semi-open world. It features elements of Dark Souls, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil.

A great mix of other games

Wronged Us is one of those horror games that aficionados of the genre should keep an eye on. We’re dealing with a title that aims to make our hair stand on end, as we’ll have to explore a realistic and abandoned town while battling psychological horrors, solving riddles, and fighting creatures. According to the creators, players will have complete freedom to explore the various regions of the city as well as interact with the NPCs that we will encounter in this environment.

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Wronged Us

Despite the makers’ announcement, small-scale inspirations from well-known video game titles may be observed. Key components from these franchises include an open environment and npc quest design inspired by Dark Souls, a well-crafted plot supported by a distinct atmosphere inspired by Silent Hill, and gameplay mechanics influenced by Resident Evil.

The development team said today on their Instagram account that, despite the publication of the teaser, the game is still in the early phases of development.


Wronged Us was supposed to be released this year on PC and consoles, but Delusional Studios decided to push it back another year, bringing it to us in 2023.

Watch the teaser of the game down below!