Wunderling DX
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Wunderling DX is coming as a free update on Steam and Switch

Wunderling DX

The final update of Wunderling brings a ton of content.

Wunderling, Bitwave Games’ colorful platform adventure game, will receive its newest free update in March. Wunderling DX will add a new planet with 14 levels, new objects, story beats, and a speedrun timer. All in all, there are 128 levels distributed across 18 different worlds, each with its own set of riddles and platforming difficulties.

Get ready for the definitive version of Wunderling

Princess Pea has been abducted, and it’s up to you to keep her safe. As Wunderling, a low-level video game thug with the ability to leap, you’ll start on a colorful quest to assassinate Carrot Man, the Vegetable Kingdom’s revered hero.

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Wunderling DX

In this non-stop platformer and puzzle game, you’ll learn the Wunder’s secret maneuvers, conquer challenging riddles, and gather sparkling things despite being unable to stop or alter direction.

Wunderling DX is the final update for Wunderling, and the team and I are so proud of the results and hope all the fans will enjoy it. Wunderling is also the final chapter for Retroid, but only the beginning for Bitwave Games. We can’t wait to share what we’re currently working on!” said Niklas Istenes, founder and CEO of Bitwave Games.

Wunderling is available for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Wunderling DX will arrive for free on both platforms on March 8.

Watch the game trailer down below!