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WWI FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg now have a physical edition

WWI FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg now have a physical edition

Verdun and Tannenberg offer incredible playable experiences of World War I from the eastern and western fronts.

Blackmill Games and M2H, in collaboration with GS2 Games, announced today that their two WWI-themed multiplayer FPS games are now available physically on PlayStation consoles in North America. Both Verdun and Tannenberg provide a unique gaming experience in which we will face 40 other players for control of the battle.

Despite the fact that there are many games that aim to provide comparable experiences, the Blackmill Games team and M2H have done an excellent job with these two titles. From the immersive interface and war-torn terrain to authentic music, sound, and voices that capture the impression of really being in the thick of a violent conflict, every aspect of both games has been customized to reproduce the dismal mood of the Great War.

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Verdun takes set on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918, in one of the deadliest battles in global history, and is inspired by the notorious 1916 Battle of Verdun. The cruel, close-quarters nature of trench fighting means that proficiency with a bayonet may be as important as excellent aim with a rifle in this multiplayer FPS set in a genuine World War One scenario.

Verdun and tannenberg

There are five different game modes with numerous historically accurate elements such as genuine WWI weapons, original outfits, horrifying gore, and settings based on actual battles in France and Belgium. Up to 40 human and AI players take turns going over the top and attempting to conquer the opposing trench line in the dynamic Frontlines game style.


Tannenberg takes place in the Eastern Front’s lakes, woods, mountains, and snowy plains. Players will be able to master a variety of realistically modeled equipment used by Russian Frontovik and Cossack squads, the legendary Latvian Riflemen, and Romanian infantry squads on the battlefield. They may also join the Central Powers and serve in an Austro-Hungarian K.u.K unit, either with the German Infantry or the Bulgarian rifle section.

Verdun and tannenberg

The game has various modes, including the thrilling Maneuver mode, which simulates the dynamics of fighting on the Eastern Front by allowing up to 40 human and AI players to battle over enormous areas with constantly changing objectives and battle lines. Survive by collaborating with your four-man team and using your unique abilities. Realistic armaments, accurate outfits, horrifying gore, and maps based on actual battles are among the historical details.

Verdun and Tannenberg are now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can get the physical edition of Verdun and Tannenberg at Amazon.

Watch the trailer of both games down below.