Wytchwood bewitches PC and consoles today


Wytchwood is a dark mix of mystery, crafting, and sorcery that will appeal to fans of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

Alientrap and Whitethorn Games announced today that Wytchwood, their new adventure and crafting game, is out now. Discover an allegorical fantasy world where you must acquire, collect, cultivate, and make unusual items.

A fun and bewitching crafting experience

Wytchwood is a crafting adventure game set in a colorful world filled with gothic stories and fairy tales. Unsurprisingly, players are put in the shoes of the heroine, a mysterious old woodland witch with whom you’ll explore a weird countryside, collect magical materials, perform spells, and pass your warped judgment on a quirky cast of people and creatures.

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Wytchwood‘s landscape is brimming with materials, ranging from mushrooms, herbs, and other flora found lying around to goods obtained from capturing creatures, such as fairy dust and frog slime. There are also several interactive elements, such as clay mounds and fires, that when engaged, drop ingredients required for recipes.

The game combines mechanics from Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing while remaining distinct from other games in the genre. This is something that will make fans of both video games feel at ease while enjoying this fairy tale-filled adventure.

Wytchwood is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. It retails for $19.99.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below!

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