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Xbox finally outsells PlayStation as Switch continues Japanese charts domination

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S outsold the PlayStation 5 in Japan for the first time in months.

The folks in Redmond have some reason to be happy today as the Xbox Series S outsold both PlayStation 5 models combined. Of course, both Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles badly lag behind the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the three different Switch models (Switch, Switch Lite, and OLED) were the top three systems in the past week, accumulating a combined 65k units.

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Here are the charts from Famitsu:

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  1. Nintendo Switch OLED Model: 35,868 units (cumulative 1,757,019 units)
  2. Switch: 20,443 units (cumulative total of 18,288,818 units)
  3. Switch Lite: 9,011 units (cumulative 4,719,293 units)
  4. Xbox Series S: 6,120 units (cumulative 105,408 units)
  5. PS5: 2,240 units (cumulative 1,385,128 units)
  6. PS5 Digital Edition: 453 units (cumulative 235,710 units)
  7. New Nintendo 2DS LL: 235 units (cumulative 1,185,959 units)
  8. Xbox Series X: 105 units (cumulative 99469 units)
  9. PS4: 22 units (cumulative 7,819,548 units)

On the software side, first place went to Nintendo Switch Sports. Actually, every single game in the top 10 charts was on the Nintendo Switch. The system shows no signs of slowing down in Japan.

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