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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon let you play games you own from the cloud

Xbox Cloud Gaming Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon support the ability to play “select games” that you purchased outside of Game Pass using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

“We’re excited to share that later this year, it’s our intent to roll out the ability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play, from the cloud, select games they already own or have purchased outside the Xbox Game Pass library,” Microsoft says.

In addition, the company says that they are adding demos for Xbox Game Pass members. The initiative is called Project Moorcroft, which will include curated demos of upcoming games.

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The program will begin rolling out within the next year, beginning with a focus on providing independent developers from around the world more opportunities to build excitement for their games.

Participating developers will be able to see how their demos perform, and be compensated, enabling them to bring their creativity to Xbox and reach new audiences with Game Pass.

A list of supported games was not revealed. We’ll let you know when we learn more!

My Take

This is just another perk of Xbox Game Pass. It’s great to see Microsoft continuously improving its service.