Xbox has no plans for VR or AR

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Matt Booty confirms Xbox’s focus is on other emerging markets.

After many years, Apple made the decision to move into AR technology. Thanks to this, both the nascent AR and VR technology markets have been stirred. The focus of many users shifted to one of the most important companies in the gaming industry, Microsoft.

Already having big companies like Sony or Apple betting on it, gamers expect a product from Xbox. But according to Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, this could take longer than expected. And the culprit for this we could say would be the Kinect.

Careful steps by Xbox

Xbox’s popularity has grown considerably in recent years. As a result, Matt Booty has had a busy schedule from interview to interview. But, an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Reporter went viral.

The head of Xbox Game Studios touched on different topics related to the company’s short- and medium-term focus and goals. However, there was one specific topic that caught my attention and that was AR. With Apple’s recent bet with the Vision Pro, there is interest in knowing if Xbox will bet on it.

Booty shared that for Xbox, the community in that market is still very small. Compared to the company’s smaller IPs, they still have larger global communities than the emerging AR and VR markets.

Xbox knows what it’s like to bet on a new market. With the Kinect, despite having a huge user base, few developers bet on bringing their games to this technology. Perhaps, thanks to this, Xbox is taking more careful steps with respect to AR and VR.

A concise new bet by Xbox

Matt Booty, after talking about AR and VR, confirmed that Xbox does have a clear focus and goal. Booty said that Xbox’s priority is to invest in cloud gaming. We have all seen the clear popularity of Xbox Game Pass.

However, now the focus of the American company goes beyond Game Pass but focuses on the platform’s Ultimate service. A service that features cloud gaming. That is why Xbox recently teamed up with Nvidia to improve its service through GEFORCE NOW.

Despite this, Booty leaves a window open to the possibility of Xbox betting on VR or AR. It is worth remembering that they once presented the Hololens, which used AR technology. So it is not unreasonable that Xbox once again enters this market. It is a matter of seeing how this market evolves in future years.