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Xbox Sales Down 57%

The one silver lining for Sony these days, with a constant barrage of negative press from gaming media over the PlayStation 3, may be their dominant current-gen platform. The PlayStation 2 remains the console of choice for most gamers and will likely remain so through the holiday season. The same can’t be said for the Xbox, which has steadily lost support since the Xbox 360’s launch last November. Microsoft cut support for the platform last year. This has left Sony’s platform in an even better position than before.

GamePro is reporting that sales of Xbox software is down considerably: “It is important to note that Xbox software sales were down 57%,” said [Michael] Pachter [of Wedbush Morgan], adding that “the console has been all but abandoned in favor of the next generation Xbox 360.” Pachter expects to see further declines through 2007 for the original Xbox as “the platform contributed less than 25% of the amount contributed by PS2 software sales during September.” You can read the full article here.

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