Xbox Series X is back in stock at Amazon

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Xbox Series X

Looking for an Xbox Series X and can’t find one? Amazon currently has them in stock.

Needless to say, the Xbox Series X remains hard to find even though it launched almost a year and a half ago. Microsoft’s next-gen console has proven popular with gamers, especially with new games added to Xbox Game Pass every couple of weeks.

Thankfully, Amazon just restocked the Xbox Series X, but there’s a tiny catch. The stock is only eligible for Amazon Prime subscribers. Plus, it’s not abundantly obvious how you can add the system to your shopping cart.

In order to find the system, you’ll need to search through Amazon’s filters. Follow these steps:

  • Click “See All Buying Options.”
  • Click “Filter” and under Delivery click “Prime.”

At that point, the system sold and shipped from Amazon should show up. They have it listed at $499, which is the current MSRP for Microsoft’s next-gen console.

You’ll need to act fast though as the system is selling out just about as soon as it gets restocked. The fact that it is only open to Amazon Prime members should help at least a little.