Xbox Series X|S boot up now five seconds faster

Xbox Series X|S boot up now five seconds faster

Microsoft has reduced the boot-up time of the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Noticing a faster boot-up on your Xbox Series X|S console? That’s because Microsoft just improved the speed with a pretty simple fix.

According to Josh Munsee, the director of Xbox Integrated Marketing, the boot sequence is now a whole five seconds faster. That’s thanks to a shorter boot-up animation. The company has reduced the animation from nine seconds to just four seconds.

Munsee confirmed the news via Twitter:

According to The Verge:

Xbox Series X / S owners will only benefit from the speedier boot times if they have their consoles set to Energy Saver mode instead of Standby mode. Energy Saver mode means the console fully powers off, instead of entering a standby state. This means you can’t power on the console and immediately start playing, but Energy Saver is friendlier for electricity bills and the planet.

This update means that the overall boot-up time will drop from 20 seconds to 15 seconds for Xbox Series X|S consoles that are set to Energy Saver Mode instead of Standby Mode.

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