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Xbox Signs Notre Dame Quarterback Brady Quinn

If you thought Peyton Manning (the Super Bowl-bound Colts quarterback) was a sellout for all of the commercials that he appears in, Brady Quinn is well on his way to emulating the Indy star. Notre Dame’s star QB, Heisman Trophy candidate, and possible first pick in the NFL draft is already getting his name out there – as if he needs it. I can’t say that I’m a neutral observer though. As a lifetime Notre Dame fan, I’m glad to see Brady get some positive attention after a miserable end to the 2006/2007 season. GameSpot reports that:

“Brady Quinn, the Fighting Irish’s field general last season, is headed for the NFL and apparently needs to remain in the spotlight. Quinn is teaming up with Microsoft to chronicle his transition into the NFL with updates on meetings with agents, training sessions, and more on Xbox.com and a through a Game with Fame session on April 27, the day before the NFL draft. Quinn’s first update will take place on February 9,” the article says.

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