Xbox streaming app may soon be built into smart TVs

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What if you didn’t need to own an Xbox console to play Xbox games? Thanks to Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can already play on your Android smartphone without a console. Soon, you may be able to play directly on a smart TV.

And it could come sooner than you think. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says that Xbox may have smart TV apps available within a year.

Here’s more from Joe Skrebels at IGN:

In an interview with The Verge’s Decoder podcast, Spencer was asked what was stopping Microsoft from releasing Xbox as an app for smart TVs that meet a minimum hardware specification. The answer, it seems, is nothing:

“I think you’re going to see that in the next 12 months,” replied Spencer, “I don’t think anything is going to stop us from doing that.”


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Of course, there are serious technical limitations to game streaming, especially since the internet can be slow in many parts of the United States. But if you have a solid connection, an Xbox smart TV app provides yet another opportunity to play console-quality games.

We’ll be following this story as it develops. It sounds like Microsoft may have more to announce on this in the new year. So stay tuned!