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Xotic Launches on Xbox Live Arcade

Get ready for an independent game that doesn’t look or play like a traditional first-person shooter. Published by Valcon Games and developed by WXP Games, Xotic is launching on Xbox Live Arcade. Xotic, is a unique arcade-style shooter where players rack up high scores by maintaining a chain reaction of points and power-ups – a true stand out amongst shooters.

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“Players on both Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and Windows PC can get their chance to face the minions of the Orb and detonate chain reactions to maximize their score,” said Lyndon Sumner, design director of WXP Games. “We’re excited that our game is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 so more gamers can blast their way through 23 cunning, puzzle-like levels while maximizing their time bonus and collecting powerups, activating point multipliers and discovering hidden secrets.”