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XRound Aero True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

XRound Aero True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The XRound Aero true wireless gaming earbuds work mostly as advertised and at a relatively reasonable price. However, there are some drawbacks.

To be honest, I have never heard of XRound. So when the company reached out to me to test their product, I was excited to give it a go. With basically no expectations going in, it’s easy to say that they exceeded my expectations, although gamers might be better suited for a more traditional gaming headset.

The Good

The XRound Aero provides you with a low latency 3D surround sound experience for under a hundred bucks. For gamers, the most important feature here is the fact that these wireless earbuds have no noticeable lag. Whether you’re stealthily playing The Last of Us Part II, these earbuds have you covered. The 3D surround sound makes the experience more immersive.

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Another bonus is that these earbuds have a relatively long battery life. We’re talking six hours of charge for the earbuds and over a day of charge with the case, which doubles as a charging station. Plus, if you’re big on customizing your audio experience, you can download the XRound MyTune app to equalize the sound and save custom profiles.

The Bad

However, you need to purchase the XRound Bluetooth transmitter separately if you want to use these earbuds with a PC, PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch. Also, it’s worth noting that the range is about ten feet, but the connection is sometimes spotty and the audio quality is not great if you plan on using this to listen to music.

Just don’t expect to try out any of the latest releases on Xbox Game Pass. That’s because the XRound Aero does not support the Xbox One or Xbox Series X consoles. So if you do most of your gaming on Xbox, you’ll want to completely avoid these earbuds!


If you hate the feeling of having headphones around your ear (like me), the XRound Aero earbuds provide a possible solution. It has a pretty decent battery life and a convenient storage case that doubles as a charging station. Since this is a wireless device, low latency is also welcome.

The main downside (at least for gamers) is that you’ll need to buy the Bluetooth adapter to use this with PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t support Xbox consoles at all. So really the investment jumps an extra $40 if you plan on using this with your PlayStation or Switch consoles.

The XRound Aero is available at Amazon for $89.99.

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