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You can play Silent Hills P.T. now on VR

Silent Hills P.T. VR

You can take the terrifying experience of the cancelled Silent Hills one step further with this new fan version.

The existence of the remarkable P.T. demo developed by Hideo Kojima of what was to be his next Silent Hills game, which was cancelled months before the famed Konami video game director’s departure, may be unknown to new generations of gamers. ROBYER1, a horror, Silent Hills, and VR game fan, has announced on Reddit a reconstruction of P.T. for Meta Quest(formerly known previosuly as Oculus Quest).

A unique but incomplete horror experience.

Silent Hills P.T. VR

Despite the fact that it is based on the well-known Silent Hills demo, this fan project is suitable for all audiences, as it is not an adaptation of the demo, but rather takes the P.T. scenario to virtual reality. In other words, we won’t be able to play the fantastic demo in VR, but we will be able to see the terrifying scenario that Kojima portrayed seven years ago.

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Perhaps this makes little sense to many, but for the first time in virtual reality, we can view a situation so well-crafted that it conveys frightening emotions simply by being there, without the need for scares or suspense. This is something that has never been done before in a horror game for VR.

Despite the fact that it is not a true adaption of the demo, ROBYER1 has commented and warned that there is ambient sound, random events, and certain easter eggs in this little “demo” that will make people scream with terror, all thanks to the well-crafted final mood.

This user’s demo is available for free download by clicking here on SideQuest VR.

Watch the trailer of this VR demo down below.