You can use your Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers with iOS 16

Joy-Con iOS 16

Play your favorite games with the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s WWDC 2022 was full of announcements. For many, it was a difficult conference to follow because it was “boring.” Still, there is no denying that it was a conference full of Apple ecosystem announcements – ranging from changes to the Apple Watch to improved Apple Car Play to a new line-up of MacBooks with the M2 chip.

One of the most notable things presented was iOS 16. It’s a new software operating system for the iPhone and iPad, which brings a lot of changes. Among these changes, it brings one that has gone under the radar but has caught the attention of Nintendo console fans.

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A change that has surprised everyone

As always, after the release of a new version of iOS, Apple releases beta versions for developers. These versions serve not only to allow developers to adapt applications to the new software to squeeze the best performance but are also used to test each of the changes with the latest iOS.

When downloading these versions, there is usually a list with all the changes it brings – both those mentioned during the conference as well as other “hidden” changes. Twitter user Rileytestut, an iOS app developer, has noticed an incredible change that everyone has overlooked: iOS 16 natively supports Nintendo Switch controllers, both the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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This addition is still in a very green testing period. This has been confirmed by Nat Brown, developer and engineer at Apple in the area of software development.

This addition is a complete game-changer

This addition opens up a world of possibilities for iOS app developers. One of the best examples, without a doubt, is Rileytestut. This developer is creating an application called Delta, which will allow users to play classic Nintendo console titles in a very successful emulator.

It is only a matter of time before we see more integration of these controllers in different games and applications in the App Store and Apple Arcade. At the moment, it is a question of more hidden changes coming out in the next few days within iOS 16.

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