Young Souls is coming to PC and consoles in March

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Young Souls

A beat’em up with elements of RPG and Souls genre that is so trendy nowadays.

Young Souls, a game developed by 1P2P and released as an exclusive on Google Stadia last year, will now be available on PC and consoles in March. Play as Jenn and Tristan in a beat’em up adventure with RPG features, which you can play in full co-op mode.

Family, duty, friendship, and puberty are all explored in Young Souls. The young twins’ goal will be to save their adoptive father from a dark realm full of monsters, which will need them to trek back and forth between their current city and the dungeons filled of goblins and other horrors.

A game full of elements from different genres.

Young Souls

This wonderful game’s battle system is quite similar to what fans of the genre are used to, but with a healthy dose of RPG aspects. We’ll have access to a wide range of weaponry, each with its own battle rhythm, as well as a variety of equipment with various stats and elemental benefits and drawbacks.

Furthermore, there is a component that harkens back to the souls genre, which has resurfaced in prominence since the publication of Elden Ring. When avoiding, you must consider the weight and stamina bar, much like you would in a Souls game. Aside from having several difficulty levels, we may also challenge ourselves to the ultimate degree of difficulty, as if it were a Souls game.

For March 10th, Young Souls will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below.