Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases can help support Game Freaks 365

It’s turkey day! Like many of you, we’ll be busy gobbling up some turkey with friends and family before we settle down for an extended Thanksgiving nap. After all, eating platefuls of food and spending time with Uncle Frank is exhausting.

Of course, tomorrow morning, millions of Americans will flock to shopping malls for the first big shopping weekend of the holiday season. There will be long lines. There will be cheap TVs. There will be long lines with fights over cheap TVs.

If you plan on doing holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please keep us in mind! You can support our continued operations simply by clicking one of our affiliate links whenever you shop at your favorite online retailers, including:

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This is true not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but at any time during the year with your regular everyday purchases. We greatly appreciate the support! 😀

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with friends and family! Enjoy avoiding those fights over cheap TVs!