YouTuber Did You Know Gaming beats back Nintendo copyright strike

Game Over Nintendo

The documentary content of the Did You Know Gaming channel has survived and is back on YouTube.

Nintendo has a very particular policy that has affected hundreds of thousands of content creators worldwide. It impacts everything from gameplay videos of Nintendo games to informative videos of Nintendo games. Many of these videos have seen the heavy hand of Nintendo and have been removed from YouTube.

But, after a month of struggles by one YouTuber, finally, this trend is over. Nintendo has lost a copyright complaint over a YouTube video. It’s a major victory for gaming journalism.

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A story with a happy ending

You may be one of those who are unaware of Nintendo’s particular policies. Even though Nintendo has always been the “family-friendly” video game company, they have some very unfriendly policies. These policies whip day in and day out content creators on both YouTube and Twitch who wish to make content about Nintendo games.

YouTubers will often receive a complaint from Nintendo (in most cases from Nintendo America). This results in the monetization of these videos being redirected directly to Nintendo. If Nintendo doesn’t like the video, they are removed from the platform. This affects not only the economics of the content creator but the viewers who enjoy the final product. Effectively, it is censorship.

YouTuber Did You Know Gaming earlier this month commented on Twitter that he was a victim of this. His documentary about a Nintendo DS Legend of Zelda game that was never released was removed from YouTube. In fact, when the video was removed it received a strike on his YouTube channel (something very feared by the creators of the platform as it can lead to a ban). Although it seemed that it would be another victory for Nintendo, it has turned out to be the opposite.

Did You Know Gaming takes on Nintendo and wins

The content creator did everything possible to restore the video. He filed a counter-complaint to YouTube explaining that the video did not infringe any Nintendo of America copyrights. After 21 days, DidYouKnowGaming announced via Twitter that the video would be back live with the phrase “We won.” he shared a screenshot of the email he received from the YouTube team explaining that the video would be restored.

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