YouTuber makes Detroit: Become Human twice as good with Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen in Detroit Become Human

Leslie Nielsen has come to Detroit: Become Human to give it the comedy that no one was asking for but that was sorely needed.

If there’s one thing that video games have had since the beginning of content creation, it’s parodies – from the very good to some that are just embarrassing. But, in a way, all gamers enjoy watching them.

Thanks to a Youtuber, one of the biggest stars of American comedy comes to Quantic Dream’s incredible game Detroit: Become Human. Leaving us with two minutes of plenty of laughs.

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A parody that no one imagined

eli_handle_b.wav is a YouTuber known for making different parodies of well-known games. The video not only joined recognized actors with video games but also recognized content creators and characters from well-known series and movies.

After giving us parodies like “Filthy Frank in Half-Life 2“, “Indiana Jones and the Elden Ring“, or even “Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077“, his followers were anticipating his next project. So, with a lot of work behind him, he introduces us to the great Leslie Nielsen, renowned actor-comedian from Naked Gun Trilogy, Police Squad!, and more, in Detroit: Become Human.

Taking different shots and camera angles from Naked Gun Trilogy, Wrongfully Accused, and Police Squad, eli_handle_b.wav delivered an incredible parody. The Youtuber has presented an incredible work mixing suspenseful situations from the Quantic Dream game, along with the humorous situations that Leslie Nielsen is used to.

Behind this parody that no one really thought of, is 2 minutes of pure laughter. Let’s hope to see more parodies like this one that will allow us to die laughing once again!

Watch this amazing parody below!