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Youtubers Life 2, the content creator simulator, is coming this fall on PC & Consoles

Youtubers Life 2

In Youtubers Life 2, your new life as a well-known content creator begins in October.

Connect the microphone, headphones, and any other required accessories so that you can become a well-known content creator next month. Raiser Games and Uplay Online announced today that YouTubers Life 2, the successor to their content creation simulator, would be launched with more material and choices to help you achieve your goal of being an online content creator.

Youtubers Life 2 keeps all that was wonderful about the original version, but this time the game opens up its surroundings to its players, enabling them to leave their beds for the first time to visit ‘NewTube City.’

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NewTube City is the key for you to conquer Youtubers Life 2.

In this new edition of the game, you can achieve success as a famous Youtuber while exploring NewTube City’s three distinct neighborhoods: City Hall, Downtown, and the Port. This revolutionary new metropolis is more than simply a playground: its streets will also serve as the player’s link to the hot new trends about which they must create content.

Players will be able to identify new trends that other content makers are unaware of, allowing them to maximize their attractiveness with fresh videos.They’ll even have an adorable and customizable drone that follows them on their excursions and records movies to serve as entertainment as they go. Youtubers Life 2 will allow you to generate content on several applications such as NewTube, Glitch, and InstaLife, do the names of the apps seem familiar?

You can meet PewDiePie, Crainer and Rubius in NewTube City.

Each of these locations has its own set of businesses, recreation facilities, activities, and other YouTubers (NPCs) with whom we may interact and learn new things along the way to achieving our dream. Some other YouTubers we’ll see in NewTube City will be familiar faces from other real life platforms, such as PewDiePie, Crainer, LaurenzSide, Rubius, and many more who have been adapted for Youtubers Life 2.

“It’s almost five years since the first Youtubers Life came out, and the game still has a large loyal player base, which is exactly why we wanted to take what they loved from the original and make it even bigger and better with this follow-up,” said Sergio de Benito, Marketing Director at Raiser Games.

“The addition of NewTube City takes that original bedroom setting from the first game and turns it into a fully-functional world, featuring activities and trends content creators can use to power their videos. Plus, actually building in real YouTube talent has been an honour. We think Youtubers Life 2 is the ultimate content creator simulator.” He added.

Youtubers Life 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this October 19. The game is also playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S thanks to retrocompatibility.

Watch the release date trailer of Youtubers Life 2 here on Game Freaks 365.