Zynga hires Matt Wolf as VP of blockchain gaming


Mobile publisher and developer Zynga, with the hiring of Matt Wolf as VP, seeks to reaffirm its intentions to enter blockchain gaming.

Zynga has announced the hiring of Matt Wolf as Vice President of Blockchain Gaming. With experience in the world of video games, blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Matt Wolf’s inclusion looks to introduce new gaming projects to the industry with NFT using blockchain technology, as well as develop games from the ground up that are built with NFT as part of the core game loop.

Important steps for Zynga in the NFT and blockchain market

“With blockchain having a greater prominence in the digital economy, Wolf will help Zynga reach a new addressable market through NFTs and legitimize new ownership possibilities for gamers on our platforms. We are excited about the benefits that NFTs and blockchain technology can bring to our existing titles, new game pipeline, and the future of gaming,” said Scott Koenigsberg, Zynga’s Chief Product Officer.

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Prior to joining Zynga, Matt Wolf was the founder and CEO of D20, an emerging media agency focused on gaming, esports, creator culture, blockchain, and NFTs. Wolf offered growth strategy, marketing insights, creative ideas, and industry connections during his tenure at D20, but he spent most of the previous decade with Coca-Cola, departing the firm in 2018 as senior vice president of entertainment for partnerships and strategic ventures.

Previous industry experience

He is not new to the game business, having worked with Electronic Arts and Sega in the 1990s, as well as organizations like Tencent and Riot Games more recently. In addition to being an adviser to various businesses and venture capital organizations, Epics Digital Collectibles and Kolex, two prominent NFT platforms.

“Zynga’s mission to connect the world through games makes NFTs and blockchain technology a natural next step in its evolution. Web3 token-based systems will allow us to innovate and deliver new forms of player value in our games, while also transforming how players interact with each other,” said Matt Wolf.

“By creating an integrated experience that enables players to become owners in their gaming journey, our goal is to expand Zynga’s audience reach and drive stronger engagement and retention. Above all, we are focused on maintaining a secure, inclusive, and eco-friendly approach while harnessing this technology to enhance our player experience,” he added.