What’s included in Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition?

In this article, let’s briefly discuss what’s included in Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition Box Set. I will also include the Amazon link to the set, so you can consider purchasing it. Without further ado, let’s see what the inclusions are.

Also, keep in mind that because Halo Infinite was released in 2021, the availability of the Collector’s Edition is uncertain. As of the time of writing this article, Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition Box Set is available at Amazon.

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SteelBook Case with the full Halo Infinite Game

The SteelBook Case looks quite good. As the name says, it’s made of steel. In it, the disc for Halo Infinite is available. This is the full game which includes both the multiplayer mode and the single-player story which was highly regarded. Keep in mind that this is the Xbox Series X and Xbox One version of the game.

Plasma Pistol Bottle Opener

Plasma Pistol is one of the more popular and well-known weapons of the Halo franchise. In this Collector’s Edition set, a bottle opener which is a replica of this iconic weapon is available. It’s not as big as the pistol in the game, obviously, being a bottle opener. But it looks good and seems to be made of strong material. Other than it is a bottle opener, there’s a small stand on which you can display the replica.

Collectible Energy Sword

This is one of the best inclusions in the Collector’s Edition. As we all know, the Energy Sword is an immensely powerful sword that can eliminate almost any enemy with one hit in the game. We consider it to be among the Best Swords in Video Games.

It’s only right that an armament as iconic as this be included in the set. While it does look quite sizable, I doubt that wielding it as a weapon in real life would serve many purposes, given that it’s made of plastic. Oh, and it’s illuminated too. When you plug it in, it lights up as a lamp and it looks very good this way. The sword is set in a stand so you can place it where you’d like.

Set of 5 Patches, Art Print, and Art Book

There are five patches that have the themes of the UNSC. These are made of cloth and look quite durable. These five patches are unique and will make for good collectibles. Also, there’s an Art Print that displays a scene related to the game. It’s quite good-looking. And like many Collector’s Edition sets of games, the official Art Book is also included. In it, there are concept arts of enemies, weapons and characters, and more.

UNSC-themed I.D. Wallet and Lanyard.

This is a rugged-looking and tough I.D. wallet and it comes with a Lanyard, which is also UNSC themed. There is also another Lanyard which is a medal. In total, there are two Lanyards.

What’s included in Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition

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