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Is there a campaign co-op mode in Halo Infinite?

Is there a campaign co-op mode in Halo Infinite? In this article, let’s find out if you can play Halo Infinite with your friends.

There was no campaign co-op at launch

Halo Infinite was released on November 15, 2021. It was labeled as a free-to-play multiplayer game and the story campaign was available separately as downloadable content. This particular downloadable content (which was huge, obviously) cost the usual $60 price of a major triple-A game.

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This campaign was quite different from the others in the franchise because the game had open-world elements. In any case, it didn’t have a campaign co-op mode at launch. Because that was one of the best features in the previous Halo games, fans were really mad about its absence. That has changed since launch though.

Winter Update adds campaign co-op mode in Halo Infinite

Is there a Campaign Co-op mode in Halo Infinite?

With 2022’s Winter Update for Halo Infinite which was released in November, developer 343 Industries added a lot more features and elements to the game, making it more accessible and comfortable to play. The Winter Update even added new achievements. However, those weren’t the only additions in this huge update.

This update also included new content, among which fans got campaign co-op. It took about a year for 343 Industries to please the players with a much-needed campaign co-op mode for Halo Infinite, but it was finally there, nonetheless.

That answers the main question of this article. Campaign co-op is now fully available in Halo Infinite for you and your friends to have hours of fun in. You will also be pleased to know that there’s cross-platform support between Xbox and PC now. The Winter Update of 2022 also included the Forge Beta for the game.

If you’re not familiar with Forge, it’s a feature that allows a player to create their own maps in the game. There are canvas maps to which you can add things and make them into a map of your preference. In the 2022’s Winter Update, the developers said that this time, Forge is improved and better than those of the previous games.

Is there a local campaign co-op mode in Halo Infinite?

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. You see, 343 Industries only added an online co-op mode. That means that you and your friends each need a copy of the game (or an Xbox Game Pass subscription) to play together in campaign co-op. There is no local campaign co-op in Halo Infinite. This is a major letdown since older Halo games included the feature with great fanfare. This is a big reason why we dinged the game in our review since they canceled the promised local co-op.

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