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Halo Infinite is the latest game in the popular sci-fi shooting series, and it brings with it an impressive feature that allows players to create their own maps and modes: Forge. Halo Infinite Forge comprises in-game tools that enable you to position and edit items, effects, and sounds, giving you the ability to craft new experiences.

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Your map can be shared with others by publishing it. You can also create an object called Prefab which can be placed in other players’ Forge maps. This article will detail what Halo Infinite Forge is, the latest features, and how you can unleash your creativity using it!

The Creative Mode from Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Forge custom map
A fan-created Toy Story-themed map is among pop culture references in Forge

Halo Infinite Forge has been a fundamental feature of the Halo series since Halo 3, and it has developed with each new game. In Halo Infinite, Forge mode supports canvas maps but not maps developed outside of Forge (like Live Fire, Recharge, Fragmentation, etc.).

One of the most obvious modifications in Halo Infinite Forge is the enlarged budget and map size. In Halo 5: Guardians, the Forge budget permitted almost 1,600 objects per map. In Halo Infinite, the Forge budget will let you have roughly 7,000 objects per map.

Furthermore, one of the most impressive features included is the ability to swap and edit materials. It’s possible to modify elements such as color, reflectivity, grime, and scratches on any object. This enables you to create a unique look and feel on your map that matches your style and preferences.

Forge is a potent tool that lets you produce your own multiplayer maps and game modes. Whether you want to make a minor modification or a completely new experience, Forge gives you full control and freedom to do so. You can share your creations with other players or compete with your friends in custom games.

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Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is also included with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.