Blizzard confirms official Diablo IV release times

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Looking forward to the release of Diablo IV? Get organized so you don’t miss it!

More than 10 years have passed since the release of the last Diablo game. However, we recently had the release of a mobile version that disappointed some fans of the game. The release of Diablo IV seeks to mark a before and after.

As Blizzard knows, there is a lot of expectation behind the launch of this new Diablo release. Therefore, Blizzard has announced today the release times of Diablo IV in different regions. So, if you are waiting for Diablo IV, you will know at what time to enter to play and not miss a second of the action!

What time will Diablo IV unlock?

Mike Ybarra, Blizzard’s current president, has been seen to be very excited about the launch of Diablo IV. Therefore, Ybarra has been bombarded by all the fans of the franchise asking him what time the game will be unlocked. However, there has been a lot of silence behind the launch but, Ybarra, has finally shared via Twitter what we all want to know.

Diablo IV, as we already know, will have different versions. The Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate versions will have early access to the game. Therefore, Ybarra has shared the different dates and times in which players from different regions will be able to play this incredible title. The dates and times are:

Early access for Deluxe and Ultimate pre-orders:

  • US: 6/1 at 4 PM
  • Europe: 6/2 at 12 AM
  • Asia: 6/2 at 8 AM

Regular launch:

  • US: 6/5 at 4 PM
  • Europe: 6/6 at 12 AM
  • Asia: 6/6 at 8 AM

US launch times are estimated in Pacific Time. The launch, depending on the version, will be simultaneous on all platforms. So get organized with your friends and enjoy the adventure that Diablo IV will bring us.