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Fatal Fury Garou

It’s an announcement that will undoubtedly excite retro gamers. This past weekend, EVO 2022 took place. This event is known for being packed with fighting game announcements and competitions. Therefore,…more»

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Capcom made several Street Fighter 6 announcements at EVO 2022. An action-packed Evolution Championship Series 2022 had multiple Street Fighter 6 announcements, including reveals for new characters and additional real-time…more»

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Square Enix has released a seven-part Starter Guide series for Final Fantasy XIV Online. New players can take advantage of a new video series from Square Enix. The Japanese publisher…more»

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Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s long-term strategy for a subscription-based future. If you’re an Xbox gamer, the chances are pretty high that you are subscribed to Game Pass. The service…more»

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Nintendo is celebrating Kirby’s 30th anniversary with a special concert known as the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest. Kirby is having a great year. In addition to the release of…more»

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