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The retro-inspired hack ‘n slash Black Jewel Reborn is fully funded on Kickstarter. Thanks to the support of 785 backers, indie developered PSCD Games exceeded their initial goal of $41,000…more»

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Next month’s free NES and SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers were just announced. Rival Turf and Congo’s Caper are being added as part of the SNES lineup. Meanwhile, Pinball is…more»

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May the 4th be with you

If you haven’t played these retro(ish) Star Wars games, today is the perfect day to give them a try. One more year since the arrival of the sci-fi franchise that…more»

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Super Game Boy

Playing your favorite Game Boy games on your living room screen in the ’90s just blew your mind! Nintendo has always been known for its peripherals. In the ’80s and…more»

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The Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant and the surrounding land will serve as a new museum for Nintendo products launched throughout its history. Nintendo has been talking about the possibility of…more»

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