Charles Martinet says goodbye after 32 years as the voice of Mario

Charles Martinet

Today is a sad day for fans of Mario, Nintendo’s most iconic character. The company has released a farewell video for Charles Martinet, the actor who has voiced him for nearly 30 years. In the video, which was released earlier today, Martinet says goodbye to Mario and gamers. He is also thanked by Shigeru Miyamoto, … Read more

Every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked

The iconic survival horror franchise Resident Evil boasts a great number of popular and memorable characters. Arguably, Leon S. Kennedy is the most popular and recognizable character aside from Jill Valentine. In this article, we’ll be counting down every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked. Please note that we will not discuss anything … Read more

Why the Resident Evil Remakes are some of the best remakes

Let’s discuss why the highly acclaimed Resident Evil remakes are some of the best video game remakes of this generation. So far, Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3 have been released. They have received praise and continue to do so. Because of how similar in scope the first Resident Evil remake … Read more

Resident Evil 4 reimagined as 2D demake

Resident Evil 4 2D demake

After the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Shinji Mikami’s work is on everyone’s mind. But as always, there are gamers who take their imagination a little further. And that’s exactly what DooMero did! DooMero, an RE4 fan, has made the dream of many come true: a side-scrolling Resident Evil. He has reimagined the entire beginning of … Read more

Games with Best Enemy Design

Elden Ring Resident Evil STALKER enemies

There are some video games with the best enemy design. The entries of this article will be games that created unique and intriguing enemies. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The variety of enemies in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise is insane. We’re talking about human enemies from various factions (which are seriously intriguing, lore-wise) to super-rare mutants who’ll tear apart and … Read more

Dolphin emulator no longer coming to Steam


The gaming community receives very bad news for the preservation of video games. The retro world largely relies on emulation. Dolphin is perhaps the most important emulator at the moment. However, although it seemed that it would finally arrive officially in a digital PC storefront – we’re talking about Steam – it will not. Despite … Read more

Best Resident Evil Characters

These are the best and most iconic Resident Evil characters from the revolutionary survival-horror franchise. Many of these characters appear in multiple games in the franchise. Each of them is unique and interesting in their own way. Claire Redfield Claire Redfield is one of the playable protagonists in the franchise and is best known for … Read more

8 Games that need sequels

Here are eight games that need sequels. These games are ones that players would love to experience for another time, bigger and better. All games on this list are seriously enjoyable experiences and I recommend playing each of them yourself if you haven’t already. 8. Bulletstorm Bulletstorm is an underrated action FPS game that was … Read more

What are the Resident Evil games in order?

What are the Resident Evil games in order? Does it really matter if you play them in no particular order? Resident Evil is a long-running and widely popular survival-horror franchise that has gained even more popularity with the recent release of the brilliant Resident Evil 4 Remake. In this article, I will include the release … Read more

10 Most Underrated Third-Person Shooters

Among the fan-favorite and popular titles like Max Payne and Gears of War, there are a lot of underappreciated gems in the Third-person shooter genre. Here are the ten most underrated third-person shooters that you might not have played or even known about. This list is in no particular order. Stranglehold John Woo’s Stranglehold is … Read more

Best Games Based on Movies

These are the best games based on movies. Every entry on this list is a great video game adaptation of popular movies. Stranglehold Yes, Stranglehold is not an adaptation per se… This game is the sequel to John Woo’s 1992 Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled. The director himself and the main actor in the … Read more

Best starter Pokemon ranked

I was discussing Pokemon with my roommate and some buddies, as I often find myself doing. We got to comparing the first five generations, and I thought it would be a great idea to break down my favorites in terms of the “starter” Pokemon. Here is the list of the best starter Pokemon I came … Read more

Ten best games from the 2000s you may have missed

The 2000s was a great decade for a lot of brilliant video games. Here are the ten best games of the 2000s that you may not have played. I like encouraging gamers to try out lesser-known games and this list will include some of the best but underrated games of the 2000s. Because each of … Read more

Best Comedic Video Games: Try these games for a good laugh

While many games in the industry have serious and grim themes, there are a lot of titles that are lighthearted and comedic. Games like that are a nice and welcome change. Here are ten great comedic video games. This list is not ranked in any particular order. Yakuza 0 While Yakuza 0’s main story is … Read more

Lara Croft’s obsession with artifacts begs the question: Is she a hero or a villain?

Let’s discuss Lara Croft’s obsession with finding artifacts and seeking ancient tombs to uncover secrets. In this article, we will discuss the rebooted video games. This article will contain spoilers. I recommend playing through all the rebooted games before reading this. The Nature of Obsession Passion is a driving force of human nature. Each and … Read more

What are the best Harry Potter Xbox games?

Harry Potter xbox games

Welcome to Hogwarts! If you are a fan of books or you are into fantasy movies, you already know about the Harry Potter universe. It’s a franchise that, due to its popularity, has made the jump to different industries. Let’s say you’re a Harry Potter fan, and you want to play some games on your … Read more

Six most popular Resident Evil bosses

Do you know the most popular Resident Evil bosses? The most terrifying ones? We show you some of them! In the month of Halloween, it’s always a good idea to revisit those video game franchises focused on giving us a good scare. And if you’ve ever played any of the Resident Evil titles, you’ll know … Read more