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Let’s discuss Sekiro‘s Great Serpent and other scary things in games that would be nightmarish for people with various phobias. The titanic and awe-inspiring Great Serpent terrified me the first…more»

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Your heroic journeys in video games don’t always have to be lonely. Sometimes a good friend makes adventures all the more fun. Here are the ten best video game companions…more»

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Out of the many historically accurate games out there, these are our picks for the six best games that are historically accurate. While these games aren’t completely accurate, they depict…more»

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Fallout 4 Skyrim

Manipulation is a dangerous tool that’s quite useful sometimes and extremely destructive at other times. It may be used for the better or for the worse. Here are the five…more»

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Quality video games manage to create interesting atmospheres that keep the player engaged and entertained, using sound effects, music, lighting, and graphics. These atmospheric games range from relaxing and chill…more»

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