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Coffeehouse Simulator is coming to PC via Steam

Coffeehouse Simulator is coming to PC via Steam

Ever want to own your own coffeehouse?

Indie developer Baked Games just announced their latest creation. Coffeehouse Simulator is a first-person management game. Play as the owner of a small coffee business and become the best place to get a coffee in town.

“Have you ever dreamed of owning a small place where you can sell coffee, tea, and cake to your lovely customers? Coffeehouse Simulator is exactly that,” Baked Games says.

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“Take care of customer orders, make coffee, resolve customer problems and lose yourself in micromanaging. Soon, you’re gonna become the biggest coffee boss,” the indie developer adds.

The game allows you to learn different ways to make coffee. You’ll also make heavy cream patterns so that every coffee is unique. Serve customers masterpieces to keep the profits rolling in.

You can also customize your shop. You’ll buy furniture, paint the walls, and choose a theme for your shop. Whether it’s a retro or modern style, it’s up to you to decide how your shop looks and feels.

Lastly, you’ll clean and do the dishes. When you’re tired of it, hire some help. If this sounds like a game that you might like, you can add it to your Steam wishlist now. A release date was not announced.

Watch the reveal trailer below!