Discord is coming to Xbox consoles

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Discord is coming to Xbox consoles

Discord voice chat is finally coming to Xbox consoles.

It’s a feature that was requested on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for a long time. Now Discord is finally getting rolled out on Xbox consoles.

Soon anyone on Xbox can voice chat via channels and group calls directly from the Xbox One or Xbox Series X console. This will easily let you connect with friends who are spread across Xbox, PC, and mobile devices.

Here are more details from Xbox Wire:

Today’s update enables a highly requested feature – Discord Voice on Xbox consoles allows you to talk with your friends and community while you play your favorite games. Planning a few rounds of multiplayer action in Halo Infinite with buddies on both console and PC? Exploring new biomes with your friends in Minecraft? See them already playing a game that supports cross-play? Connect to their voice channel and chat as you all play.

While you are playing on your console, you will be able to see who is in the call and speaking. You’ll also be able to adjust the sound, and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat. 

The update starts rolling out to Xbox Insiders today. It will soon be available for everyone.