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Elden Ring Prepare to Die Hard Mode Mod: Why you should try it

Elden Ring is a brutally punishing video game, like all other From Software games. It is also arguably the most popular game from the studio, so there are a lot of new players who are completely amateur in the Souls-like genre.

Due to the difficulty of the game, a portion of the players complained about the game not having an easier mode. Because of this, modders have created an Easy Mode for Elden Ring and it’s one of the most downloaded mods for the game.

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However, what I’m going to talk about today is the complete opposite of Easy Mode.

Prepare to Die Mod

The mod is called the Prepare to Die: Hard Mode for Elden Ring. This mod makes the game even harder, and I think most Souls veterans would love this mod.

It essentially gives the enemies better AI, more range, higher attack power, and a lot more health. Even hunting for materials is harder, because of the improved AI.

Why You Should Try Hard Mode

If you’re in for the challenge, this mod is worth checking out. I think this is a wonderful mod, and if you really want to push yourself to the absolute limit, here’s the link. You can download it at Nexus Mods: Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) at Elden Ring Nexus – Mods and Community