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Five Best Video Game Side Stories

Five Best Video Game Side Stories

In a lot of games, especially in open-ended non-linear games with a focus on exploration, the player can discover some pretty interesting stories that may or may not be related to the main plot of the game. Gamers like myself are fond of playing detective and analyzing the world for clues to uncover various secrets. It’s quite satisfying to uncover such brilliant details in a game. So here are five of the best video game side stories that you can uncover.

Editor’s Note: This article obviously contains plot spoilers!

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The Tragic Story of Craig Boone – Fallout: New Vegas

You will come across the friendly town of Novac when you progress the main quests of Fallout: New Vegas. Here you’ll find rather interesting individuals. One such man is Craig Boone.

Boone is a sniper who protects the town against any and all threats. He was a member of the military, and his aim is deadly. He’s a quiet, introverted man who seems to be distant from other townspeople.

Boone tells the player that his wife has been killed and that someone in Novac sold her off to an organization named “Caesar’s Legion”. He wants you to find the person who sold her.

You will be able to find the culprit, but it seems that Boone is not telling the whole story. You can hire Boone as a companion and as you progress to explore the world and do certain quests, you uncover a disturbing and tragic tale. I’ll not spoil it any further.

The Omen – Elden Ring

The story of the Omen is only one of many intriguing and interesting side stories from Elden Ring lore. When you eventually reach the Erdtree Capital, you can find a sewer system underground in the city. Here, you will encounter grotesque and strong enemies known as the Omens.

As you uncover the lore piece by piece, you will find out that these were actually cursed children of nobles… and the first Boss you fight in the game is one of them. These beings were shunned, discriminated and hated because of their appearance.

You may have come to hate the first boss of the game, but as you uncover more and more about his kind, you will immensely respect him. This is a huge story that raises a lot of questions.

There’s even an unstable Omen known as the “Loathsome Dung Eater” whose questline will lead to a different ending.

Check out this explanation of another hidden story in Elden Ring: https://gamefreaks365.com/elden-ring-the-secret-of-stormveil-castle/

The Serial Killer – Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a rather bloody and disturbing tale. As you explore the world of RDR2, you will come across disemboweled, decapitated corpses and limbs. In each of these scenes of crimes, you will find a piece of a map that will lead to the killer; the hunt for this psychopath will prove difficult and terrifying.

The Serial Killer - Red Dead Redemption 2

You can find more and more details about his crimes as you progress through the game, and you’ll realize that he had killed a LOT more people than everyone suspected at first.

The Infinity Killer – Grand Theft Auto V

In another game from Rockstar, GTA V’s world is home to many mysteries and side stories. The story of Infinity Killer is very cryptic and disturbing. There are many clues in the game that come in the form of twisted poems, landmarks, and dead bodies.

You can even find this killer’s home in the game, and there are a lot of clues there too. It eventually becomes clear that this murderer is still free, probably hunting for the next helpless victim.

The Infinity Killer - Grand Theft Auto V

The fact that he’s unknown makes him even more sinister in my opinion. He may have been someone you actually met in the game…

More information about the killer can be found here.

Every Substory from Yakuza 6

Every Yakuza game has tons of wonderful side stories, and I consider that Yakuza 6 has the most intriguing and interesting ones that range from funny incidents to supernatural cases.

Yakuza 6‘s world is also home to many references to great anime shows and movies. These stories might sometimes feel overly goofy, but it’s all part of Yakuza‘s charm.

You can find entire stories that are references to movies like Jaws and beautiful anime like Your Name.

Yakuza 6‘s plot and story are one of the saddest in the entire franchise, and the substories of this game are somewhat more sinister than those of the other games.

What are some of the best video game side stories? Let us know your thoughts on the forums!