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Five Excellent Mods for GTA IV

These are five excellent mods for GTA IV that will vastly improve this already great classic from Rockstar Games even further. Many of these mods are improvements to the vanilla game. You can install them in your very first playthrough if you like.

Potential Grim

Five Excellent Mods for GTA IV

Potential Grim is a mod that overhauls the many criminal organizations of Liberty City. With this mod installed, you will encounter many different gangs in various parts of the city. Sometimes clashes with rival gangs will occur, and certain organizations will target Niko as well, depending on your relationship with them.

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For example, if you’re an enemy of the Russian mafia, they would intimidate you and even attack you in the streets. This mod makes this already violent and grim game even more immersive.

Learn More: https://gtaforums.com/topic/945227-iveflc-potential-grim/

Vanilla Vehicle Addon Pack

Five Excellent Mods for GTA IV

This is a simple yet almost essential mod that adds a lot more vehicles to the story of Grand Theft Auto IV. All of these vehicles are ones from the DLCs, ported into the base game.

Learn More: https://gtaforums.com/topic/972433-eflc-vehicle-addon-pack-for-gta-iv-with-proper-audio-and-naming/

Responsive Plus

Responsive Plus is a patch of sorts that aims to improve the gameplay and quality of life of GTA IV. It makes the game a lot more immersive and challenging in some aspects.

For example, the ammunition limit of many weapons has been reduced, and it now requires you to visit vendors to refill your ammo occasionally. This is an essential mod for all players.

Learn More: https://gtaforums.com/topic/931069-iveflc-responsive-plus/

Weapon Realism Mod

The mod’s name says it all; it makes the weapon handling and their attributes a lot more realistic. With immersive recoil, significant damage boosts, and improved range, the guns affected by this mod will be used by your enemies as well. In that way, it makes the combat more challenging and fun.

Learn More: https://www.moddb.com/mods/weapon-realism-mod

Realistic Driving & Flying Mod

This is another pretty self-explanatory mod that greatly overhauls the driving and flying mechanics of GTA IV. For example, many vehicles have varied levels of acceleration and top speed.

While the vanilla game also distinguished many vehicles from each other, this mod improves it even further. Some vehicles are easier to handle while others are harder. The visible damage to the vehicles and their performance hindrance upon facing accidents are also more apparent and realistic.

Plus, all of the vehicles resemble their real-life counterparts in terms of performance and handling. Overall, this is an excellent mod which is one of my favorites.

Learn More: https://www.moddb.com/mods/realistic-driving-and-flying