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Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box free at Epic Games Store

Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box are free at Epic Games Store. The free game offers run until December 8 at 11 AM Eastern. Once you claim them, they’re yours to keep.

Fort Triumph comes from indie developer CookieByte Entertainment. Here’s a description of the game from EGS:

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A strategy game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with the world exploration of HOMM. Build towns, collect artifacts, improve your heroes, and influence your tactical surroundings using physics!

Meanwhile, fans can claim a second free game this week in the form of RPG in a Box. Here is a description of the game from EGS:

RPG in a Box lets you easily turn your stories and ideas into games and other interactive experiences! As its name suggests, it contains everything necessary for doing so, all packaged together “in a box”. The software is designed with a fun, beginner-friendly approach in mind as to not require any programming or modelling knowledge, while still providing a wide range of customization and openness. You can export your game to a standalone format for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, allowing others to play it without needing to own RPG in a Box!

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