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Humble Wadjet Eye Games Bundle packs 13 adventure games for $10

Humble Wadjet Eye Games Bundle packs 13 adventure games for $10

Humble Bundle has a new bundle packed with adventure games.

The Humble Wadjet Eye Games Bundle just launched recently. It includes fourteen items including The Blackwell Legacy, Unavowed, Primordia, and more.

Here is a description of the bundle:

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Indie studio Wadjet Eye Games has been developing and publishing acclaimed adventure games for over sixteen years! Encounter strange stories, unforgettable characters, and beautiful pixel art in this bundle of modern classics. Join the Unavowed on their mission to fight evil, and explore a nightmarish carnival in the surreal Strangeland. Fight for survival in Shardlight’s post-pandemic dystopia, and aid restless spirits in the acclaimed Blackwell mystery series. Point, click, and get lost in some great graphic adventures—all while helping support JDRF on their mission to improve the lives of people living with type 1 diabetes.

The bundle features a total of eight items including:

  • Unavowed
  • Strangeland
  • Primordia
  • Shardlight
  • Technobabylon
  • Resonance
  • Blackwell Unbound
  • Blackwell Convergence
  • The Blackwell Legacy
  • Blackwell Deception
  • Blackwell Epiphany
  • Gemini Rue
  • The Shivah

A purchase of $10 unlocks all items in the bundle. You will also get a 33 percent off coupon for The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow. Gamers can get their hands on the bundle for three weeks. As always, a percentage of profits from the bundle go to charity.

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