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The construction is part of a monthly challenge to build iconic places in Europe.

The success of Minecraft lies not only in the freedom to create your adventure as you wish but in the building. To this day, I haven’t seen anything that can’t be built in Minecraft – PCs, websites, and even a working laser tool. But where I continue to be amazed is in the mega-builds. Now there is a stunning Minecraft Louvre Museum recreation.

The Minecraft building community never ceases to amaze me. The Youtuber Bubbaflubba, well-known in the community, has built the Louvre Museum and its surroundings. It’s all built with Minecraft blocks and a level of detail that will blow your mind.

A mega build in less than a week!

The versatility that Minecraft allows you to build is incredible. Few people can imagine what you can build in Minecraft. But what you have surely seen on the internet are the recreations of places or constructions of the world.

This is exactly what YouTuber Bubbaflubba has become known for in the Minecraft community: NFL stadiums, the Sears Tower, or his hundreds of recreations of iconic places around the world. But now the YouTuber has taken on a new challenge: recreating various landmarks across Europe.

Just over a week ago, we saw him recreate Big Ben and its surroundings, but once again, he has outdone himself. With a great level of detail, he has recreated the Louvre Museum. And as he did with London, he has also recreated a large part of the city of Paris.

And, the most impressive of all is the time-lapse that the YouTuber created to show the construction process. You just have to watch it to see how incredible it is. But now a big question arises: What will Bubbaflubba surprise us with next? If you like Minecraft or building, you can’t miss this video.

Watch the video down below!