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Most Challenging Stealth Games

These are some of the most challenging stealth games. These games are difficult yet thrilling and suspenseful. Some of these games have selectable difficulty levels that make the game even more difficult and sometimes, more enjoyable and intense while remaining immersive.

For variety’s sake, I will only include one game per franchise.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Most Challenging Stealth Games

The latest and gameplay-wise, greatest Metal Gear Solid game to date, the last entry of this iconic franchise is a one-of-a-kind game. Set in Afghanistan and Africa, its open-world stealth sandbox gameplay is at its peak.

One of the greatest features of this stealth masterpiece is how the world and enemies adapt to your tactics. For example, if you infiltrate bases at night, the enemies will use flashlights and even night-vision goggles.

It doesn’t end there: if you eliminate enemies with close combat, they will include shotguns in their arsenal. If you aim at their torsos, they will wear body armor. Aim for their heads and they will use helmets.

Because of this masterfully dynamic adaptation, you must adjust your playstyle to successfully complete missions. Each level is very replayable; with various ways to achieve your objective and lots of optional, hidden objectives, mastering this game will take tens of hours.


Most Challenging Stealth Games

Inspired by the legendary Thief games, both Dishonored games are remarkable stealth games that are difficult to a similar degree. This immersive first-person stealth game is set in an unusual yet appealing world that is affected by your actions.

The games’ beauty comes from their ugliness; the rats and the plague infesting the world bring out these games’ full glory. With supernatural abilities and technically advanced tools and weapons, the possibilities of mission completion are many.

Because it’s set in semi-open world levels, there are a number of side objectives that pave the way to various methods to achieve success. The AI of the enemies is dangerously intelligent, and it can be especially difficult to defeat groups of enemies even with your abilities.

Remaining patient and as silent as possible results in a phenomenally intense, yet rewarding experience that is completely different from a chaotic run. Another highly replayable game franchise, Dishonored is a landmark of the stealth genre.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Most Challenging Stealth Games

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the best Splinter Cell game for many fans of the genre. Despite being released in 2005, it still holds up surprisingly well to this day. Its utilization of lighting in order to create dark shadows that can hide the player and enemy bodies was ahead of its time.

This is a game where you must remain as quiet as possible; like the shadow of a ghost. While it’s incredibly difficult to master, it will be one of the most compelling and fun stealth games once you get the hang of it.

Unlike Ubisoft games of today, its AI is formidable and fairly intelligent, too. Without extreme patience, vigilance, and attention, completing missions efficiently will be rather challenging.

Hitman: Blood Money

A one-of-a-kind franchise, Hitman is more about hiding in plain sight rather than completely sticking to the shadows. The unusual yet captivating stealth gameplay can be overwhelming to new players.

Hitman: Blood Money was released in 2006 but it still remains one of the greatest and most iconic stealth games of all time. With an atmospheric soundtrack and memorable locations, the story of the game is compelling as well.

Even though it encourages the player to have extraordinary finesse and professionalism when completing missions, there are many methods of achieving your objective, including going in guns blazing. It doesn’t hold your hand and you must rely on your knowledge and intuition to tackle tough missions.

Its highest difficulty level removes the ability to save the game, and you must adapt to every situation and problem you encounter in the mission without quitting. It’s rather overwhelming but intense in a thrilling way.