Netflix game streaming support coming to PC, Mac, and smart TVs

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Netflix continues to mobilize to make its way among the strongest gaming companies. Already, they have bet big on mobile gaming. However, Netflix is looking to expand its frontiers in cloud gaming. The company opened an internal video game studio last year.

Recently through its website, Netflix announced that it will venture into cloud gaming. Netflix users will be able to play games through the cloud on PCs, Macs, and some Smart TVs. All those who reside in the UK and Canada will be receiving the beta version of this new option.

Netflix bets big on cloud gaming

Although it seems hard to believe, many users play Netflix-exclusive titles for mobile devices. That is why they are looking to expand their frontiers a little more and get into cloud gaming.

It’s an area where there are still very few companies betting on it. However, through the Netflix website, they reported this great inclusion in the gaming section.

Netflix plans to expand the list of available games with indies or AAA console or PC titles for its new cloud gaming section. Users in Canada and the United Kingdom will receive this new section in their accounts first. Whether they use PC, Mac, or some Smart TVs, they will be able to play titles from the cloud.

So while fans are used to Netflix making TV shows based on video games, they should also get used to the company making video games.

What devices support Netflix games?

In addition, Netflix shared the following list of devices compatible with its cloud gaming:

  • Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Players
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • LG TVs
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Roku devices and TVs
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Walmart ONN

They’re not stopping there either. Netflix has commented that new platforms will be added. It is speculated that possibly portable video game consoles will be added to the list of compatible devices.