Nintendo Direct

New Nintendo Direct airs tomorrow

After many rumors, Nintendo finally confirms that we will have 40 minutes of information focused on the upcoming Switch games

After all the summer conferences, there was one company that had not yet been officially presented: Nintendo. The Japanese company had yet to show what will be coming to Switch next year.

Well, after many rumors, Nintendo has finally made official its next Nintendo Direct. But, instead of announcing it as they usually do a month in advance, this new direct will be tomorrow! And, listen carefully, we could be getting new games from franchises we all love!

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A surprising (not really) Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has yet to join the summer video game conference party. The company, compared to other years, no longer holds large-scale conferences like other companies are used to. The Japanese company has adopted the modus operandi of holding micro-digital conferences throughout the year to present what’s new for its console.

Well, knowing this, many fans were waiting for a new Nintendo Direct. Especially knowing that the company intends to continue betting on the Switch for a long time. And, after hearing many rumors from insiders, it was expected to be announced soon.

Surprisingly, through its different Twitter accounts for each market, Nintendo announces its new Nintendo Direct. This direct will start tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. PT and big announcements are expected.

In the first instance, Nintendo confirms that they will share more information about Pikmin 4. However, here is a list of the possible announcements we will see tomorrow:

  • Pikmin 4 (confirmed)
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remaster
  • F-Zero GX remaster
  • Possible Super Mario and Donkey Kong games in 2D (Highly rumored)
  • New indies
  • More games for the retro consoles in the Nintendo Switch Online
  • Possibly adding Gamecube too?

All we will be able to confirm tomorrow through the Nintendo Switch channels on the different video platforms. After many disappointments from Nintendo (except Tears of the Kingdom) we finally expect the Japanese to surprise us with something big!