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Peppered Kickstarter campaign launches next week

Peppered Kickstarter campaign launches next week

Peppered is hoping to raise enough funds to finish the game.

Indie developer Mostly Games is launching the Kickstarter campaign for Peppered early next month.

Mostly Games describes the game as a “heavily narrative-driven, light-hearted 2D platformer which aims at subverting well-known gaming tropes to tell a story about the existential struggles of everyday life.”

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“In Peppered, in a world where nobody ever dies, the God of Death is on the verge of breaking free and about to cast doom on everyone. Luckily, life presents you with an opportunity to take this matter into your own hands. And then presents you with countless ways to fail spectacularly,” they add.

The Kickstarter campaign for Peppered kicks off on October 5. You can click here to get notified when the campaign starts.