Sons of the Forest
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Sons of the Forest is now the most wishlisted upcoming game on Steam

Sons of the Forest has surpassed the biggest upcoming titles in the industry.

Few indie games have managed to make a difference in the industry – even more so when we are talking about the survival horror genre. But, the Endnight Games team has managed to make it with their classic game The Forest. Thanks to this, they have managed to get a large number of fans who eagerly await the release of their next game, Sons of the Forest.

As a consequence, Sons of the Forest, the sequel to The Forest, is the most wishlisted game on Steam. At the moment, it is far surpassing Starfield, Hollow Knight: Silksong, and even The Last of Us Part I!

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A pre-release success

The survival horror genre has had some great titles. The Forest, without a doubt, is among the best that have been released to date. Therefore, many gamers were eager to have a title from Endnight Games or similar that followed the same winning format as this game.

Most Wishlisted upcoming steam games

Since the announcement of Sons of the Forest by Endnight Games, all fans of the genre are following it closely. Surprisingly, even after the release of Hogwarts Legacy, Sons of the Forest has become the most wishlisted game on Steam.

With the release of Starfield, Dark and Darker, Hollow Kight: Silksong, or The Last of Us Part I just around the corner, it is very unlikely that Sons of the Forest will surpass them in sales. But, thanks to the SteamDB website, we can see this specific data and the results are striking. Sons of the Forest is above all of them and other popular games like STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, Hades II, ARK 2, and many more.

It is incredible how a game that revolutionized a genre in a way could have such an impact on the fans. Therefore, so many gamers have their eyes on Sons of the Forest. But, the million-dollar question here is: Will it live up to gamers’ expectations? We’ll have to wait for the game’s release to find out. It launches on February 23, 2023.