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Starfield Review Roundup: Bethesda’s next masterpiece or overhyped disappointment?

Starfield was released a few hours ago. As expected, millions of players are testing the title. However, the gaming press has had access to the game up to a week in advance. So that means that we can bring you a Starfield review roundup before the game’s official launch!

At the time of the embargo, the internet was hit by a tidal wave of reviews. Positive, negative, all kinds! Was the expected masterpiece realized or was it a total failure on the part of Bethesda and Xbox?

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Here are some of the reviews that caught our attention.

Starfield Review Roundup

IGN – 7/10

“Starfield has a lot of forces working against it, but eventually the allure of its expansive roleplaying quests and respectable combat make its gravitational pull difficult to resist.”

PC Gamer – 75/100

“Starfield shares plenty of DNA with Skyrim and Fallout 4, but ultimately falls short of both.”

GamesRadar+ – 5/5

“With this kind of freedom ‘avoiding the main mission’ is the main mission.”

GameSpot – 7/10

“Bethesda’s spacefaring adventure has its moments with impressive scale, satisfying combat, and some worthwhile side quests, but its shallow RPG systems and uninspired vision of the cosmos make for a journey that’s a mile wide, but an inch deep.”

Destructoid – 10/10

“I wasn’t sure if it could be done, but Bethesda has managed to raise the bar for sandbox games even higher. In the end, Starfield is an epic sandbox open-world RPG with a beautifully immersive universe, a captivating story, and fun and compelling gameplay the whole way. I’m so happy to have experienced Starfield organically, and I really hope you get to as well.”


After reading these reviews, we can come to one conclusion: Starfield is a good attempt from Bethesda and Xbox. However, having been so ambitious, the game might not have delivered quite up to expectations.

Still, Starfield offers that sense of freedom that many have longed for. Despite certain limitations, you’ll get to explore space like never before.

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